Tony & Tucker

Tony & Tucker
I love my guys

Sunday, July 19, 2009

NEW Season...

Okay and away we go! I have found a job with a local physician's office. It is not what I would call a great career move, but does allow me to work in the same town and is fairly low pressure. It is a very fast paced environment but when I am home, I am home and I don't have to think about work while playing with the kids, cooking dinner and doing homework.

Tomorrow the kids will go to Ms. Belinda's house and will be away during the day for the first time in 8 months, so tomorrow will be a "new" phase for them as well. Tucker will eventually go to Ms. Belinda's full time, but for this week, he and his big sister will go for 3 days: M/T/W. I am glad I can start Tucker with Emily at his side. I hope this will ease his transition. Plus, Emily can give me the scoop of the happenings of the day. Sneaky mom.

In other news... Tony is getting that football itch and can't wait for the team to get here and begin the season. In all honesty, I'm with him! I'm ready for Fall, and for all the fun football season brings. I am hoping to get out to some of the away games this year and would love to take advantage of the last game being in San Antonio. We'll see!

Much love to you all!

Friday, June 5, 2009

what am I doing wrong>>>>>?????

Okay... HELP! Why do I have 2 layouts on top of one another. If I remove the blogger template I have a jumbled mess. But my friends blogs have their cute background behind their words... what am I doing wrong!?

Hurry take a picture before you forget!

Okay, so I've been sorting through my digital pics on my computer and I am simply overwhelmed with the thought of organizing them, buying them, editing etc... Don't get me wrong. I love to sit and mess around with pics of my kids, I could do it all day! But therein lies the problem. We as parents don't have all day do we.

Yea- yea, I know I've done Creative Memories and other scrap booking events, that all have "quick" and "easy" organization tools. In fact I was even a consultant for CM for a "quick" time. But the fact is it still takes time. And being more of a big picture person versus a detailed individual, it all works against my nature.

But seriously, we have created this mess for ourselves! I mean I have albums from my glorious middle school days! I really don't have any sort of emotional attachment to middle school.. no offense of course to my 6th grade boyfriend (sorry Nathan L.)

As a mom, I feel a serious NEED, to capture with my camera every cute face, funny expression, sweet-outfit- wearing body as if I will never remember any of it. The need is like.... nesting or something.. its like if it doesn't happen nothing will ever be as it should again! AHHHH!

Now, really I believe the pics are for the kids, as they love looking through and remembering for themselves. It makes them feel loved and cherished and it is a great way to show them who they are and where they come from.

But really, come on now, I think we can tone it down maybe just a little bit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Settling in...

Day by day we are making a new home and it is beginning to actually resemble something like a domestic dwelling inside versus a cardboard jungle. I can tell that we are going to be happy here and have plenty of space to breath now.

The dishwasher really is an amazing machine. I missed it so when I was in our previous residence. It's truly amazing how much time that box cuts down on kitchen cleaning time.

OTHER NEWS>>>> Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.
Emily has performed 4 times thus far and is looking forward to this weeks performances as well. I really am surprised I have now heard any complaints about the endless practices or performances. Impressive for my easily bored daughter. Maybe this is her thing. Although we may have to work on her on stage attention span.... Last performance she was singing but turned around watching the actors behind her. They were dancing and, well she wanted to watch. ; ) Sweet Emily.

MOM'S VISIT>>>>> Mother Day x 2
My wonderful Mom flew to KY to pay us a short for fun visit. She is an expert organizer and I thank God I have her for that and wonder why I did not inherit that trait. Although I think she views it as a flaw or illness rather than the gift that it is.

We decorated and cleared out an entire room of boxes.. WHEW WHOO! I'll post pictures soon. It was just great to spend time together and for the kids to love on and play with their Grandmommy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Bunny: Cocoa

The biggest recent news at the White house is that we have a new member in our family. We now are the proud owner of a bunny named Cocoa.

Emily has literally been praying every night for a dog. We've told her if when we move to a house with a fenced yard we will consider it. However, in Kentucky, they don't do fences.... no seriously, not many houses around here have actual fences. Those with dogs, mostly have electric fences.

This brings me to my second announcement... we are moving, again. But this time, oddly enough, we are moving 3 doors down the street. We are busting the seams of our current home.

So back to the bunny.... We can't have a dog at this our new house either (no fence yet). When I told Emily we would not be able to have a dog, tears began to flow and the purest voice of confusion emerged... "but Mom,I've been praying and asking Jesus every night!"

Oh man, my hear just sank... the moment has come for her.... the moment she learns that God's answer is not always yes. So I responded with the truth of, "God has answered your prayer, but right now, I guess God knows that a dog is not the best pet for us right now. Maybe we can do some research and find a pet we can have."

So, she decided on a turtle. Yep a turtle. So we went to the pet store to find our turtle. But you see, the bunnies are in the same area as the turtles....and our fascination and admiration of the cuddly little fur balls began.

The following two weeks we talked to the father... Tony Joe that is. We gained approval, researched, read rabbit magazines, and prepared a home for our lucky wabbit. And tada, enters Cocoa.

Cocoa is a Hotot Dwarf bunny- 5 weeks old from Berea, Ky. Tony Snow is from Berea, so I'm sure all bunnies from Berea are just as smart.

Cocoa has really begun to open up and show affection toward us. That was really rewarding for Emily. They are nervous animals by nature, but with time, I understand they will bond with their owners. She is very curious and searches the nooks and crannies of our living room when let out.

The first day we had her, she pretty much stayed in the back of her cage. Day 2, she actually "begged" to be let out. This is day I am keeping my fingers crossed that she continues on this path of funness.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Victim of image advertising...

Has anyone else notice the Coca-Cola trucks around recently. I don't know what it is.... Maybe a new coat of paint or new design or a re-intro of the classic design... no idea, but all of the sudden I see them everywhere.

Remember in the '80s and early '90s when Coke was the beverage of choice... that somehow seem to be diluted by Pepsi & Dr Pepper, but I don't know folks maybe our classic Coke is makin' a comeback.

I hate to admit it but due to the Coca-Cola image being impressed upon my brain... I actually have reached for at Classic Coke bottle for a pretty dedicated Dr.Pepper fan family. I actually stopped myself yesterday, and thought, why am I buying this... we prefer a Pepsi/Dr.Pepper. But that dang comforting red label almost got me.

Emily in mouth

Emily in mouth
However, this was a great shot!


Whatcha doin' mom...

Snow Angels

Snow Angels
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