Tony & Tucker

Tony & Tucker
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hey Everyone! No I didn't forget about my poor little blog

Its been a while I know... But I've been busy creating and building my new facebook! Facebook is the largest online social network in America at the moment and I had to be a part of it!! The great perk about Facebook is it really allows you as much security as you like as well as a simple interface that doesn't force me to spend hours upon hours just decorating and downloading wallpapers. My Space, was just too much work. I know I know, you don't have to decorate your page, but if you don't know one whats to look at it.. SO, I'm a facebook fan! Look for me and I'll be your friend if you'll be mine!

Anyway, we are doing great here in Kentucky. Emily started 1st grade and loved her first week of school. Tucker is going to daycare, kicking, clawing and screaming... Tony even has scars on his face to prove it. However with in 1 minute of us being out of sight, he is perfectly fine and plays non-stop. My only major complaint at this point is that one of his teachers keep calling him "Trucker" Oh well, guess I should have saw that coming.

I have started my job with Cre8tive Group as the Account Executive. I've been back at work for 2 weeks and, so far so good. I am still in the sinking into my role phase, but I am getting busier and busier day by day.

We have enjoyed our Church hopping experience so far but think we may have found our place. I am torn and think I can be involved with both churches to some extent. We will see. Tony and I talked just this morning about our need to pray about the situation and where we could be most useful to him.

Tony "kicked-off" the practice season last night... or this morning at 12:01am. Yes thats right! Midnight Madness practice. Needless to say Coach White is stuggling today as he did not get home until about 4am. I honestly don't know how he is standing straight. He is back up at the office preparing to practice again today (sunday) at 5 ish.

I know its crazy but I sort of like this time of year as we gear up for the season. The excitement builds and I begin to get eager to get to the stadium for the first game. I think as a coach's wife, you either love it or you hate it and there is not much room for gray area.

Well, the kids are yelling.. "park park park" so here we go, across the street to our little neighborhood park. Ya'll have a great day! Love you!



K Storm said...

Midnight Madness practice??? Wow!

Crete said...

Keep up the good work.

Emily in mouth

Emily in mouth
However, this was a great shot!


Whatcha doin' mom...

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Snow Angels
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