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Tony & Tucker
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

See If I can get this thing going...

So, here I am in Kentucky! I like many Americans am currently not in the workforce. Although, this no work thing does not exactly fit our budget, I'm certainly enjoying being home with the kids.

The kids are loving it too! I am on the hunt for something to do. If I can do "it" from home, that would be even better. I am praying and listening, but feel like there is a lot of interference from other stuff making it difficult for me to hear! So, I'm open to suggestions.. Maybe you can hear better than I. : ) Wish it worked that way.

In the mean time I am busy as ever with the house and kids, that I 'm not sure how I ever fit work in. But, it took some work to get to this point. At first I was a little shell shocked. I had to just sit, look around and think, what am I suppose to do? What do my stay at home mom friends do all day. Then when my child became hungry on a regular basis and was dependent upon ME to feed him (Emily at school) and my husband was low on underwear, I remembered, Oh yeah, I had a household to run. And, I began to see all the things around the house that had to be put off or neglected all together, because there was just no time to do them before.

So, I'm busy. But busy in a good way. Now, I just have to figure out this budget/work thing.

I would love to post new pics of the kids, but my crazy computer will not allow me to download the software. I'm missing a driver or something. Maybe I have time to figure that one out now. Well, if I do! You'll know, because I'll flood this blog with pics.

Tucker is hilarious at age 2. We love to watch, listen and laugh with him! He has a strong spirit and loves to play with cars, truck and trains. He prefers the ones that don't make noise or go by themselves. He likes to push them around and make up his own noises. He has a big imagination. When playing with him, he usually makes me turn off the toy if it tries to take off on it own.

Emily is enjoying her school and making new friends. She describes herself as an "action girl" not a princess girl. She claims to not like the color pink, except bright or hot pink. That is funny to me because I have always described her as a hot pink girl and not a baby pink girl. She is currently in Gymnastics and loves it.

Tony and I are doing great as well. Centre College is a great school and has amazing opportunities for the students. Recruiting kids to play football here is not too difficult as the product really sells itself. Centre really has an excellent reputation especially in KY.

Tony had a winning first season as the Offensive Coordinator. There have been a lot of changes for the team and staff to handle as they learn a new offense. But all is going well, and we have high expectations for the following seasons ahead!

Its time for Tuck and I to go pick up Emily from school. Talk to you again soon!

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JMass said...

Hey girl! Welcome back to the blog world! Although, I just caught my blog up recently with our family happenings.

I will be praying for you and your job situation. God is in control!

Love ya!

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Emily in mouth
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